Make a Difference in the Lives of Transitioning Service Members, Veterans, and Military Spouses

Lead the Movement

There are currently numerous significant and negative impacts of COVID-19 and other barriers on the employment opportunities for transitioning service members, veterans, and military spouses. In response, SHRM Foundation and USAA are mobilizing volunteers to bring down the barriers that stand in the way.

Known as Veterans Ambassadors, these volunteer leaders will serve as force multipliers to educate, inspire, and empower HR professionals, people managers and business leaders. Rather than working with veterans one-on-one, Veterans Ambassadors will train others in best practices to attract, hire, and retain veterans and military spouses.

As a Veterans Ambassador, you can make an exponential impact on the lives of veterans and their families in the workforce. It’s also an impact that will resonate in the businesses who hire these valuable community of untapped talent, who bring in-demand skills and experiences that can only be developed through military service.

Harriet Dominique

Chief Diversity, Inclusion and Corporate Responsibility Officer & President, USAA Foundation, Inc.

“Members of the military community bring unique skill sets, diverse backgrounds and leadership to our workplaces. SHRM and SHRM Foundation are doing important work to help recruit, hire and retain these individuals into meaningful and impactful roles by equipping hiring companies with the tools and resources needed to establish and grow military hiring programs within their organizations. USAA and the USAA Foundation, Inc. are committed to improving lives in the military wherever they are in their journeys.”

Featured Ambassador

Monique Jenkins

Veterans Ambassador, SHRM member and HR Manager for Enterprise Talent Management Services with the Georgia Department of Administrative Services

“As a Veterans Ambassador, I want to make sure that employers have what they need to really help and value veterans so they can ultimately make good hires. One of the things that we hear in the employment space is employers want to support veterans. They’re just not sure how to do it. Veterans Ambassadors and the Veterans Ambassador Program provide that guidance.”

The Roles & Responsibilities of a Veterans Ambassador

A Veterans Ambassador is a volunteer who promotes veteran inclusion by educating and training HR professionals, hiring managers, and business leaders with the educational knowledge and actionable tools necessary to attract, hire, and retain veterans in the workplace.

Veterans Ambassadors receive training, support and resources and join a Veterans Ambassadors Community to reach 250 members of their community to secure their commitment to hire at least one member of the military community. SHRM Foundation provides Veterans Ambassadors with the tools to:

Serve as a force multiplier by:

  • Hosting workshops, seminars, or webinars educating HR professionals and employers on military community hiring.
  • Working with Veteran Service Organizations to connect employers with veterans.
  • Recruiting new Ambassadors to increase the program’s reach.

Share information on program efficacy by:

  • Providing feedback to SHRM Foundation.
  • Reporting your training sessions and attendees.
  • Distributing training surveys.
  • Securing “commitments” from employers.

Provide insights to local HR efforts in veterans hiring and specific needs by:

  • Participating in networking and community events to understand emerging needs.
  • Working with local installations, veteran service organizations, or government to help transitioning service members, military spouses and caregivers.

You Can Make a Difference for the Military Community

Become a Veterans Ambassador. Submit your Veterans Ambassador application.

About the SHRM Foundation/USAA Partnership

There is a pressing need to educate and train employers to understand the value of veterans in the civilian workforce and better serve this population. With support from USAA, SHRM Foundation aims to engage HR professionals, people managers, and business leaders ensuring employers across the nation have the tools and skills necessary to include the military community in their hiring practices.

Wendi Safstrom

Executive Director, SHRM Foundation

“The SHRM Foundation is incredibly grateful for USAA/USAA Foundation’s continued investments in our critical work to empower HR professionals to attract, hire, and retain members of the military community. In order to help employers prepare for post-COVID-19 employment, the SHRM Foundation has committed to providing SHRM’s membership base of 300,000 HR professionals and people managers with the tools and resources they need to actively and effectively recruit and retain member of the military community.”

Thank You to Our Corporate Partner