Step 5:

TALENT Mobility

Is a dynamic internal process for moving talent from role to role – at the leadership, professional and operational levels. This is also inclusive of offboarding or employee exit.

Best Practices for

All Employers

Develop unstructured opportunities for employees to move to different locations on project basis early on, add value to the community and then come back.
Put in place an internal job market by using a common platform for both local and international opportunities.
Dedicate 20% of employee time to side projects or testing waters with different roles.

Best Practices for


Throughout the rotational process provide broad-based experience, but also assign the veteran specific tasks that are meaningfully related to the organization’s mission.
Foster personal development by integrating mentoring and coaching throughout the rotational assignments that provides valuable contacts and experience that accelerate the development of technical skills, awareness and acclimation to the culture of the company.
Consider how certifications and credentials obtained in the military can be relevant to credentialing requirements needed for professional development, including those specific to any departments participating in the rotation.

Questions to Ask

Are you giving employees opportunity to compete for positions before external posting?
Can we support project-based rotations in different locations?
Have we mapped and given credit for military certifications and credentials?
What is the risk appetite to facilitate employees stretching themselves with different roles?
Who do we have that would bring value as a coach or mentor during veteran’s rotating assignments?
What specific requirements and goals are assigned that clearly related to the mission statement?


These suggested resources are available at no cost:

Cornerstone, Paper, Sideways is the New Up: Using Talent Mobility to Bring Out the Best in Employees and Your Organization
Deloitte Insights, Podcast & Transcript August 8, 2018, Are You Overlooking Your Greatest Source of Talent
USAA Employer Roadmap, Credentialing
USAA Employer Roadmap, Action Plan: Empower
USAA Employer Roadmap, Case Study, How Companies are Empowering Veterans




  • Greater employee engagement and retention
  • Lower talent acquisition costs

Internal mobility has now become ingrained in the Sodexo USA’s culture and business practice. Moreover, it has contributed to making the organization an attractive employer, as recent graduates as well as current employees know that there is tremendous focus on professional development and that the company offers endless opportunities.

However, the process to take the company from traditional sourcing to cross-divisional internal hiring and promotions wasn’t established overnight. Hiring managers hadn’t expected to source internally all of a sudden; rather, the process was gradually implemented in a number of stages to become a highly valued program that has benefited Sodexo through enhanced employee engagement and retention.

Thank You to Our Corporate Partner