Step 3:


Processes that allow new employees to learn about the organization, its structure, and its vision, mission and values, as well as to complete an initial new-hire orientation process.

Best Practices for

All Employers

Communicate before the first day, send a welcome letter to the new employee and family, lay out what they can expect in their first week.
Send the hiring manager a “reminder alert” email requesting these five critical tasks are done on the first day:

  • Roles and responsibility discussion
  • Match new employee with a peer buddy
  • Help new employee build social network
  • Set up monthly onboarding check-in for first six months
  • Encourage open dialogue
Build a 90-day plan in the first week.

Best Practices for


Send an introduction letter to the team, highlighting some of the assignments and places the Veteran has been. Be sure to let the team and leadership know what department the Veteran will be working in and the date of their first day on the job. Conduct a team introduction.
Send information about the company dress code in a welcome letter.
Build in tangible goals and check-in points on their 90-day plan.

Questions to Ask

Have you developed a plan for newly hired Veteran’s first week of employment?
Did you develop a 90-day plan template that can be used universally?
Have you calendared the 90-day check-in points to ensure dedicated time?
Is there anything the hiring manager needs to support the “reminder alert” email?
Based on the introductory letter, does anyone on the team have points of common ground with the new Veteran hire?
Did you define clearly what the dress code is? If there is a special item like company Friday, did you send a shirt to the new hire?


These suggested resources are available at no cost:

Veteran Jobs Mission Employer Start Up Guide
The JPMorgan Chase Pathfinder Playbook, A Veteran Acclimation Program Development Roadmap
Part 1. Veterans Business Resource Groups: Return on Your Investment
The Veteran Advantage, DAV Guide to Hiring and Retaining Veterans with Disabilities
USAA Hiring Veterans and Military Spouses, A Workbook for Employers
USAA Employer Roadmap, Action Plan: Empower
SHRM Foundation Veterans at Work Certificate




  • Acclimate
  • Engage
  • Retain

Onboarding can mean different things for different companies. For some, it starts on day one with a new-hire orientation, whereas for others it can start earlier in the hiring process.

For a company such as PRISM Inc., the “onboarding” process starts with the first contact with a veteran candidate by offering resume writing advice and interview techniques and continues through a veteran performance management system with day one, week one and monthly check-ins with a career counselor.

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